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Family Genus Specific epithet Specific authority Infraspecific epithet Infraspecific authority
2C mean1(pg) 2C mean1(mbp) 2C range1 pg Life cycle
Other specifications (cultivar, population, strain, etc.) Original reference Journal Year
Telomere type Telomere type based in genome sequenced hybrid
Number of 5S signals Range of 5S signals Position2 of 5S signals (5S P)
Number of 35S3 signals Range of 35S signals Position2 of 35S signals (35S P) Arrangement
Total number of rDNA signals (5S+35S) (Total) Number of chromosomes with both 5S and 35S signals (SC)
Number of chromosomes with both 5S and 35S in the same arm (SA) Number of chromosomes with co-localized 5S and 35S signals (Coloc.)

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1 1C genome size and n chromosome number for bryophytes.
2 Position refers to that of most chromosomes in the species and can be either interstitial (i), (peri-)centromeric (c) and (sub-)terminal or satellite (t).
3 35S=45S=18S-5.8S-26S rDNA

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Publications on plant rDNA loci

Publications on plant telomere composition

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